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Monitoring Guidelines

Radiological Evaluation Guidelines

Radiological evaluations should be done every 12 months for patients on Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT) and every 12-24 months for patients not on ERT.

The following Radiological Guidelines should be followed when having evaluations for Gaucher disease:

  • MRI - coronal T1 and T2 weighted images of both femurs hips to knees.
  • MRI - volumetric measurements of liver and spleen which should include:
    1. Transverse images without gap between slices
    2. Trace liver and spleen sequential images which are traced and surface area is summated
    3. Multiply surface area of cross-sectional images by thickness of each slice - pathological process which can be identified with a 1 centimeter thick slices while using T-1 & T-2 images
  • CT - calculations for liver and spleen may be obtained if MRI unavailable by using an outline of liver and spleen with continuous, transaxial 1 cm thick sections adding the sections to give the total organ volume. Volume can be expressed as cc/kg of body weight with tissue density assumed to be 1 gram per cc.

Radiologist Dictation Guidelines to follow when reading and evaluating films done on Gaucher patients. Dictated reports should include the following:

  • Type of exam and views
  • Areas examined
  • Last date of exam used for comparison (if any)
  • Manifestations of GD including marrow infiltration, osteopenia, avascular necrosis, infarction, lyitic lesions, Erlenmeyer Flask Deformity, new fractures and an overall bone assessment.

For a complete version of the Radiological Guidelines for Gaucher disease, as well as terms related to methodology and anatomy, click here

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