The Comprehensive Gaucher Treatment Center for Gaucher Disease at Tower Hematology Oncology, Beverly Hills
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The Comprehensive Gaucher Treatment Center
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The Comprehensive Gaucher Treatment Center

The Comprehensive Gaucher Treatment Center at Tower Hematology Oncology, under the direction of Dr. Barry Rosenbloom, was founded in 1997 to accommodate the needs of the Gaucher community.  Since then, we have become the second largest treatment center in the United States, coordinating the care for over 100 Gaucher patients.

In an effort to provide the best possible care for our patients, the Comprehensive Gaucher Treatment Center employs a program coordinator and a nurse practitioner who work together to ensure that assessments occur when necessary and that any scheduling and healthcare needs are addressed.  The Center also stays abreast of the latest developments and research in Gaucher disease.  In addition, we collaborate with state-of-the-art radiological facilities that are equipped to provide extensive sets of scans using the preferred methods for evaluating disease status.  For those patients who require treatment with enzyme replacement therapy, our facility houses a large infusion center that is staffed with experienced nurses who have been trained in the administration of Cerezyme. Individual spaces – each with a recliner, TV, phone, privacy curtains, and Internet access – allow for greater comfort and productivity during infusions.

The Comprehensive Gaucher Treatment Center’s commitment to the Gaucher population extends beyond our clinical practice.  Given the rarity of the disease and our unique position as experts, we recognize the importance of becoming involved in community outreach and educational programs.  To that end, the Center works in conjunction with the National Gaucher Foundation to co-sponsor local patient meetings on a semi-annual basis.  These meetings provide a good forum for updating patients and their families on current data regarding Gaucher disease.  In addition, we disseminate information to other physicians’ offices in an effort to raise awareness of Gaucher disease within the medical community.  Our advertisements, which describe the most common symptoms of Gaucher disease, have appeared on television and in numerous publications.  Finally, Dr. Barry Rosenbloom frequently serves a guest lecturer at both patient and healthcare provider meetings.

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